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Rocket Fuel — in development

Writer/Director: Jessie Posthumus
Producer: Nancy Pettinicchio
Format: Narrative feature film
Language: English

Support: Canada Council for the Arts

In early 2000s rural Ontario, thirteen-year-old Nora Forrester shoulders the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings. Seeking independence, Nora delves into the male-dominated world of landscaping at her first summer job, leading her to form an unexpected bond with a new friend as she navigates gender dysphoria, family conflict, and financial precarity. 

Based on the narrative short film available here.


In This House We — in development

Cowriter/Director: Nancy Pettinicchio
Cowriter: Jessie Posthumus
Producer: Mérédith Gonzalez-Bayard (Couronne Nord)
Format: Narrative short film
Language: English

At the center of anglophone Montreal, two roommates face the weight of their codependency when a bike accident forces one to rely on the other more than ever.

In Lieu of Flowers — in post-production

Writer/Director: Jessie Posthumus
Producers: Nancy Pettinicchio & Van Wickiam
Format: Narrative short film
Language: English

On the morning of her father's funeral, Matisse wakes up to find a ghost in her apartment. While her boyfriend Talal sees nothing more than a man in a white bedsheet with eye holes, Matisse perceives the ghost as her deceased father returning for a final farewell.

Reference photo: The Tree of Life

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